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KFZ on June 6, 2022



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What is duty free?

Duty-free stores are an enticing perk of international travel.

Duty-free refers to the act of being able to purchase an item in particular circumstances without paying import, sales, value-added, or other taxes.

The duty free store at Kukës International Airport sell merchandise that is exempt from duties and taxes with the understanding they will be taken out of the country for use.

Many popular duty-free items found in the duty free shop at KFZ are include liquor, chocolate, and perfume.

How Duty-Free Works?

Under ordinary circumstances, host countries expect you to pay an import, sales, value-added (VAT), or local tax on goods you buy. However, when shopping in international airports, sea terminals, onboard cruise ships, and during international airline flights your purchase is made in no man’s land.

Hence, you are neither in nor out of any particular host country, including the one in which the terminal is located. No man’s land status is a justification for shielding you, as a passenger in transit, from host country taxes. 

Where is it?

You can find the duty free store at KFZ at the departure area, in the opposite side of departure gate three.

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TIA on June 6, 2022


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