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KFZ on June 6, 2022



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Kukës International Airport Shaikh Zayed - Flatrat e Veriut, serves the city of Kukës, Albania. Albania's Prime Minister officially inaugurated Kukës International Airport Shaikh Zayed on 18-Apr-2021, following a flight to the airport operated by Air Albania from London. The airport has a total investment of EUR24 million and is located 90 miles north east of Tirana. Kukes International Airport "Zayed - North Wings" starts the scheduled flights within June 2021. 


The airport was built with United Arab Emirates investments made since the time of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan until now and in honor of these investments, the airport is named after the name of Sheikh Zayed.


Involvement by the United Arab Emirates in the Kukës area dates back to the Kosovo War (1999). The UAE contributed large amounts of money, humanitarian aid, built a highly efficient refugee camp for Kosovan Albanians and an airstrip for incoming relief supplies at Kukës in Northern Albania. The UAE funded construction of an airport which was completed in 2006 and expected to employ more than 200 people, helping the local economy by opening more touristic opportunities for the region. 


Kukës International Airport in Albania has begun operations, with the first flight arriving from London, UK on April 18 following a short stop at Tirana International Airport.  

The airport, which has been constructed on a former refugee campsite 144km northeast of Albania’s capital, Tirana will ‘open the gates’ to the economic development of the Kukës district. 





42°2'1"N / 20°24'57"E

Employees: 100

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TIA on June 6, 2022


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