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Ndani këtë informacion.

Kukës International Airport SHPK has exercised care in assembling and presenting the information on this website. However, KFZ does not accept any liability or provide any guarantee that the information is accurate, complete or up to date. The same applies to the flight schedule based information.


The right to make changes without notice

All information is non-binding. KFZreserves the right to change, expand or delete all or parts of its website without notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.


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KFZ website has direct and indirect links to other websites. KFZ has no control or influence over the content and design of these sites. KFZ undertakes no liability for these sites.


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They can be used in whole or in part only for personal use, and not for commercial use. The pages in the Press section are not subject to this restriction. The text and images offered there are freely available for editorial use subject to statutory regulations.

When reproducing these contents, explicit reference must be made to the ownership and copyrights of KFZ.

The contents cannot be changed. They cannot be used on other websites without written permission from KFZ. The contents of this website, including without limitation any photographs, may be subject to rights of third parties.

KFZ logo and other company designations are registered trademarks of Kukës International Airport SHPK. The designations or logos of other companies shown on KKZ website are also subject to legal protection.

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Ndani këtë informacion.

Fluturoni me mendje të qetë

Shijoni fluturimin tuaj dhe zbuloni ofertat dhe promocionet më të fundit nga partnerët tanë.

Air Albania

Ne ju sjellim më afër destinacioneve më të dashura të Evropës.

Mësoni më shumë

North Wings

Kukësi, qyteti i historisë së përjetshme të kujtimit.

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